Timo Sorber: 1974 Photographer (www.sorber.nl), Amsterdam.

I love to create; with my camera or with my hands.
More than 20 years ago I started as a portrait- and reportage photographer working for different editorial and commercial clients. I have published ​​two books; "Famous Coffee", portraits of famous Dutch people drinking their favourite coffee and "Rocking Names", portraits of children with a special name and their story.

I always dreamed of owning a beautiful Antler. Finding antlers in the forest is the ultimate dream. Looking for Antlers in nature I occasionally find some, not from animals but made by beautiful trees. Branches with a story, lived and shaped by the elements. With lots of patience, attention and respect for the wood I split the branch and create "Amazing Antlers".

"Amazing Antlers" is a project where I create unique Antlers from branches found in nature. Without hurting animals you can have a powerful antler on your wall.